Remove The Vail Another Way Home

Floating somewhere between metal, hardcore and Southern rock, Remove The Vail have taken up residence. This isn’t the first time these genres have crossed paths but this Alabama four-piece have done justice to the niche of Southern-core. After spending ten minutes listening to this album it’s easy to picture this band playing in sleeveless flannel, ripped denim overalls and trucker hats all the while keeping a bottle of bourbon in hand. Another Way Home starts with hard rock basted in Southern flavour, and guitar riffs that circle like vultures in "The Crux.” Vocally there is a nice division of crusty screaming and clean chorus singing throughout this hayride from Mark Hendrix. The guitar tandem of Pat Hood and Hendrix tear through their guitars with a Southern rock vibe that would make Merle Haggard proud in "A Rage Scene Retold,” finishing off with a dual guitar solo. Remove The Vail stick to what they know throughout Another Way Home, never straying from their groove in an album that’s filled with down south guitar licks, driving bass lines, raspy vocals and the occasional badass guitar solo. Regardless of the cross germinating, Remove The Vail have made a CD that’s as refreshing as a mint julep. (Facedown)