Remedy Those February Blues with Gnomeo & Juliet, Just Go With It and Cedar Rapids in This Week's Film Roundup

Remedy Those February Blues with <i>Gnomeo & Juliet</i>, <i>Just Go With It</i> and <i>Cedar Rapids</i> in This Week's Film Roundup
This week in the world of film, Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced via the ever-dignified and slightly grotesque medium of Twitter that he plans to return to the big screen. The hope is that he will reprise his role as fish-out-of-water undercover cop, John Kimble, in the long-awaited sequel to the understated masterpiece, Kindergarten Cop. But until then, you can read our take on the latest releases in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section to see if anything is worth spending money on.

Receiving the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence, the first big animated family movie of 2011, Gnomeo & Juliet, hits theatres with a bang, making comedy from the Shakespeare tragedy Romeo & Juliet (pictured) by anthropomorphizing garden gnomes and effeminate lawn flamingos. Even though it plays fast and loose with the source material, it still manages to pay some respect, unlike the Sense & Sensibility variation, From Prada to Nada, which doles out "sitcom-level cultural stereotypes" about the Latina community, according to our reviewer.

For something a little more serious, we have a review of the Harvey Weinstein documentary, Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project, which sheds a bit of light on the notoriously mercurial movie-producing monster. Also short on humour is the sword and sandal adventure The Eagle, which plays out much like a filmed version of the schoolyard game capture the flag, only with Channing Tatum trying to pretend he has human emotions.

If blanket stoicism and dry documentaries aren't your thing, the latest Adam Sandler comedy Just Go With It might appeal, taking the usual Sandler high-concept route with him pretending to be married to score with chicks. The only real distinction from his other movies seems to be that Jennifer Aniston is along for the ride this time. Cedar Rapids similarly tackles the world of funny, but features Ed Helms and John C. Reilly in a slightly more analytical and self-conscious ode to the mainstream boy comedy.

And Lastly, Alejandro González Iñárritu is back with Biutiful to remind us that we're all supposedly connected.

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