R.E.M. Continue Reissue Series with Double-Disc Version of Fables of the Reconstruction

R.E.M. Continue Reissue Series with Double-Disc Version of <i>Fables of the Reconstruction</i>
Following the 25th anniversary reissues of their excellent first pair of albums, debut Murmur and sophomore effort Reckoning, college alt-rock poster boys R.E.M. are preparing to reissue their third in the ongoing series, 1985's Fables of the Reconstruction.

As The Second Disc reports [via Slicing Up Eyeballs], a double-disc reissue of Fables, which will feature 14 previously unreleased demos and a never-before-heard song, will drop on July 13.

Though the band have yet to officially release info regarding the reissue, online retailer Amazon recently put the album up for pre-order, along with the tracklist and other details, including the fact that for the first time in the reissue series, the bonus disc will not feature a live concert performance. Instead, Amazon points out that "the bonus disc is a complete run-through of the album done in studio in Athens, before the band left for London for the actual recording sessions."

That run-through apparently includes tracks "Bandwagon," which was used as the B-side to "Can't Get There From Here," and "Hyena," which was later recorded as an album track for Life's Rich Pageant. That previously unheard track is "Throw Those Trolls Away."

In related news, R.E.M.'s Peter Buck just finished recording an album with Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody under the name Tired Pony. That album is due the day before the Fables of the Reconstruction reissue.

UPDATE: R.E.M. have now confirmed the reissue on their website, and offered more details here.

Fables of the Reconstruction: 25th Anniversary Edition:

Disc 1: Original Album:

1. "Feeling Gravitys Pull"
2. "Maps and Legends"
3. "Driver 8"
4. "Life and How to Live It"
5. "Old Man Kensey"
6. "Cant Get There from Here"
7. "Green Grow the Rushes"
8. "Kohoutek"
9. "Auctioneer (Another Engine)"
10. "Good Advices"
11. "Wendell Gee"

Disc 2: Demos

1. "Auctioneer (Another Engine)" (Demo)
2. "Bandwagon" (Demo)
3. "Cant Get There from Here" (Demo)
4. "Driver 8" (Demo)
5. "Feeling Gravitys Pull" (Demo)
6. "Good Advices" (Demo)
7. "Green Grow the Rushes" (Demo)
8. "Hyena" (Demo)
9. "Kohoutek" (Demo)
10. "Life and How to Live It" (Demo)
11. "Maps and Legends" (Demo)
12. "Old Man Kensey" (Demo)
13. "Throw These Trolls Away" (Demo)
14. "Wendell Gee" (Demo)