R.E.M. Announce Reckoning Reissue Details

R.E.M. Announce <i>Reckoning</i> Reissue Details
As we previously reported, just in time for its 25th anniversary, Universal Music will be reissuing Reckoning, the seminal second album from R.E.M., in a double-CD deluxe edition (much like last year's Murmur reissue). The set includes a remastered version of the album, as well as a previously unreleased live set from Chicago's Aragon Ballroom on July 7, 1984.

As the press release explains, the live disc is significant because "the group not only perform eight of Reckoning's ten songs, "Gardening At Night" from 1982's Chronic Town EP and "Radio Free Europe," "9-9" and "Sitting Still" from Murmur but also new songs that had yet to make it onto tape: "Driver 8" would later debut on R.E.M.'s third album and "Hyena" on their fourth."

The set will be out on June 23. The album, along with the band's 1983 debut, Murmur, will also be getting reissues on 180-gram audiophile vinyl.