R.E.M. "Überlin" / "It Happened Today" (videos)

R.E.M. 'Überlin' / 'It Happened Today' (videos)
The buildup to R.E.M.'s 15th studio album, Collapse into Now, has been a long one, as the band unveiled a steady stream of online singles and studio snippets. The album still isn't out until Tuesday (March 8), but along with the record streaming all week on Exclaim.ca in Canada, R.E.M. are promoting it with two new music videos for "Überlin" and "It Happened Today."

Following the video for "Mine Smell Like Honey," these clips are parts two and three of planned series of 12 short films -- one for each track on Collapse into Now.

"Überlin" features actor Aaron Johnson dancing around the streets of London, jumping over bikes, swinging around lampposts and generally making himself look like a maniac. In a post on R.E.M.'s official website, singer Michael Stipe called it "a work of beauty." It's embedded at the bottom of this page, courtesy of Berlin.de.

"It Happened Today" starts off in more subdued fashion, with black and white clips of a young boy looking glum as he wakes up. The video eventually explodes into colour, as he runs around in the snow. To see it, head over to the New York Times' website.

Collapse into Now is out via Warner.