Reliant K Mmhmm

Playing with an energy and sincerity that makes you wish you could believe in God as much as they do, Relient K seem less afraid than many of their religious peers to come clean about their faith and its importance to their music. By not throwing up lyrical smoke and mirrors around their Christian beliefs, as so many other Christian punk and hardcore bands do, the band succeeds in sounding completely unapologetic about their faith. With strong power-pop songs backing up their message of love, Mmhmm’s only drawback is the fact that it can, at times, meander a little too seriously in sugar-sweet pop territory, losing all sense of the punk in pop-punk. That said, there is no denying the strength in every one of these songs, each of which is well instrumented to create a unique sound, either through the use of piano, bells, or well-orchestrated back-up vocals. (Gotee)