Regulations To Be Me

At a time when punk rock bands are taking a more mature and sincere approach with their music, it's fun and exciting to stumble upon a band that still play that fierce, spit-in-your-face style of four-chord punk that we all at one point loved in our younger years. Regulations pull no punches by playing '80s-inspired hardcore with a ferocity that could match lewd trailblazers like Adrenalin O.D. and the Circle Jerks in their prime. Straight from chaotic opening track "Red Line 13" to the ruthlessly catchy "Baghdad Beach Party" and slam-inducing "Busy Night," these loudmouthed gems could have been penned by Keith Morris himself. To Be Me boasts a middle finger to its contemporaries, with its smug lyrics, minimal production and raucous conduct. And, oddly enough, it's reassuring to hear that once and awhile. (Deranged)