Refree Quitamiedos

Raul Fernandez is a Spanish renaissance man. He helped to shape the country's underground scene during the past decade-and-a-half and is currently active in three different bands. Though relatively unknown outside his native Spain, Fernandez is a musician of such standing that he can pick and choose his collaborators for his debut release as Refree. Quitamiedos is an adventurous record that mirrors the styles of the guest stars just as much as it does Fernandez. So, Françoiz Breut sounds just like Françoiz Breut (singing in Spanish) and so on, but it does add some variety - there are tracks that sound like Migala, while others are reminiscent of the Sadies, with much of the remainder dwelling in a similar place to Drunk and Bevel. The overall effect is arresting to say the least, with every song having an atmosphere all of its own. The entire record has a depth that only reveals itself with repeated listens, yet as a whole it doesn't fully come together because of the album's eclectic nature. It might be a curse, or it might be a blessing, but it does make Quitamiedos one of the more interesting records you'll hear in quite some time. (Acuarela)