Redshift Shelter

Every band should have a claim to fame, and Redshift’s is a little bit more unusual than most. Their main songwriter and singer Ben Segev was one of the finalists in the "John Lennon Songwriting Contest” last year. Quite a prestigious honour, I assumed, but the list of other finalists and winners is longer than you’d ever expect. The song that brought the award, "Labour Day‚” is the best one on Shelter, but it makes me wonder about the legitimacy of the contest because it sounds more like the kind of song that Paul McCartney would write. Two other songs were recorded in the studio, but they have that overblown stadium rock production that makes them a little hard on the head. The remaining five tracks were recorded live at one of their shows at the Reverb in Toronto, and they sound a lot more down to earth and less glossy. Every song is dominated by Segev’s powerful voice and the soaring guitars of Cary Juan, but there’s nothing amazingly original here and I don’t imagine there are any other awards waiting in the wings for Redshift. (Mood)