Red Life Exodus

“The Night’s Young” single was the introduction of many to the Rexdale duo of Remy Res and Cryp2Nite a few years back. Opening to the strains of their later track “Who’s Talkin’ Weight,” Exodus throws a variety of flavours into the mix. Tightly woven narratives hold down the tense "Bashment" and the addictive melody of the Latin-tinged fable “Pylar Sanchez.” Saukrates passes through for the catchy, frantic throw-down of “Yagga Yaw Yaw,” (which also receives a notable drum & bass treatment here) and Ghetto Concept appear on the bounce of “Nobody’s Safe.” “Mouth Piece” with K-Note on production and the certified “Ya Done Know” provide further nod factor satisfaction. The stressing of the word movement at the beginning underlies Red Life’s approach and the duo definitely work this to their advantage, comfortably adjusting to and riding the variety of beats primarily provided by Swiff of Da Grassroots. (B.E.)