Red I Flight The Years

With originality swiftly becoming a value of the past, bands are facing one of two options: either work harder (and possibly endlessly) to manufacture a unique creative niche or opt for ignoring all higher expectations and simply focus on getting your shit out there. Both have downsides but for Victory’s Red I Flight, rolling with what they’re accustomed to and personally satisfied with seems to have taken precedence on their latest, The Years. The band collectively show great competency on a musical and lyrical front, and Robinson’s vocals undoubtedly pack a punch. As expected, the album’s production is moderately polished but rough enough to remind you that, hey, this isn’t a Justin Timberlake album. However, what’s unfortunate is that none of the songs differentiate from one another. But if straightforward, guttural and heavy jams are what your eardrums are craving, Red I Flight are certainly worth your attention. (Victory)