Red Fang Red Fang

Red FangRed Fang
Portland, OR quartet Red Fang have played in numerous local bands during their time together but their current project is so good it sounds like they've been doing it their whole life. On their self-titled debut, the band divulge a world of punishing stoner grooves with a classic rock vibe, like if Pride Tiger were born from the Melvins instead of 3 Inches Of Blood. Opener "Prehistoric Dog" is proof that they've spent time touring with the Fucking Champs, as fist-pumping riffs give birth to a soulful verse. Elsewhere, "Night Destroyer" continues the bad-assery with some epic guitar work, while "Humans Remain Human Remains" is gloomy and drawn out. Sure to soundtrack a beer-fuelled summer, Red Fang is an incredible debut from a fantastic metal band. (Sargent House)