Red Fang "Blood Like Cream" (video)

Red Fang 'Blood Like Cream' (video)
Seriously, the zombie apocalypse got out of hand pretty quick. Like, people were pretty concerned at first when the undead started snacking on our gray matter, but about the time the Z's started guzzling down our beer supply, Red Fang knew something had to be done. The video for their barrelling "Blood Like Cream," taken from this year's Whales and Leeches, shows Portland's finest fighting the good fight in the name of Pabst.

True, the band seemed pretty clueless about the brew-ha-ha, only being tipped off to the gravity of it all by Portlandia's Fred Armisen while sitting in an empty bar, but it all sinks in when the crack of a beer can throws a city's worth of zombies into a tizzy.

Will Red Fang make it out alive of the World War Z zone with a couple of cases of PBR to spare? You'll have to find out by drinking in the gooey, horror-driven clip down below, courtesy of Rolling Stone.