Red Eyed Legends Mutual Insignificance

For those of you who like to obsess over the details of underground obscurities, Red Eyed Legends front man Chris Thomson is the same guy who played a part in bringing the curious workings of Circus Lupus and the angular Skull Kontrol to life. Now, with Red Eyed Legends, Thomson again lets his music reflect his eccentric tastes. To compliment his punchy, sometimes exaggerated punk vocals is Kiki Yablon (ex-Dishes), bringing in her own take on singing that is layered over sputtering guitars and keyboards. If you’re not all that interested in playing connect the indie dots, you should at least this one time, because this band is pretty good. While many bands are trying to duplicate the early ’80s art punk sounds and failing horribly, either by being too arty or too intellectual, Red Eyed Legends are one of the few bands who actually getting it right. Spunky arrangements, stretched out vocals and just enough strangeness to make it interesting are the components that make Mutual Insignificance immediately likeable. (File 13)