Recordbreaker 3

Recordbreaker have just become your new summer-time crush. The Toronto, ON power-trio have stuffed more fun into their full-length debut than some groups have into their whole discography. Their third release as a group, 3 features something for everyone. Whether you like ballads, power-pop or dance rock, Recordbreaker do it right. "Still Feels Good" displays what Recordbreaker do best, utilizing multiple vocalists and a largely power-pop-driven sound that reminds you of how it feels to be young. A-side cut "It's All Worth It" is undoubtedly the most immediately catchy song on the LP, with its sentimental lyrics and friendly keyboard intro. 3 is familiar yet fascinating, featuring just enough cheese to fit in with other power-pop favourites like the Cars and Cheap Trick. While Recordbreaker could benefit from slightly more experimentation, they don't try to fix what isn't broken. This is music to listen to while you drive around in your dad's car past curfew. (Independent)