Record Store Up for Sale - on Craigslist

Record Store Up for Sale - on Craigslist
We all know that the the music business is in trouble: after all, the industry just recorded its lowest week of sales ever. Apparently, things were going so badly for one Brooklyn record store that the owners decided to put their business up for sale - on Craiglist.

The Daily Swarm points to a listing by Sound Fix, an independent record store in Brooklyn's hipster nexus, Williamsburg. The store has a nine year lease, and is being offered for $250,000. The listing reads:

Situated at the corner of Berry St and North 11 Street, one block from Bedford Ave, Sound Fix is widely recognized as one of New York's finest record stores which has an inventory of 8,000 CDs, LPs, DVDs, magazines, and books. It has twice been nominated as one of America's best record stores at the Plug Awards.

The store is fully furnished and operating, a true turn-key transaction.

There is also a website that steadily generates revenue.

If you want to make a bid for the store or simply read the entire listing, go here. It's safe to say that if record store owners are resorting to putting their shops up on Craiglist, the little guys aren't doing too much better than the big box stores.