Record Store Day Fallout: How Much Will Those Exclusives Cost You Now?

Record Store Day Fallout: How Much Will Those Exclusives Cost You Now?
As usual, Saturday's Record Store Day was written off as a grand success. The question is, for whom?

Sure, it's great to see queues in front of shops again, with both stores and labels actually making a buck. But if you didn't make it down to your favourite record joint for those exclusive Record Store Day releases, you may be forced to pay a pretty penny to some greedy eBay capitalists.

As anyone out on Record Store Day (April 17) witnessed, exclusives by the likes of Blur, the Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Bruce Springsteen, the Beastie Boys and countless others didn't last long on the store shelves, or weren't there altogether. If shops were fortunate enough to score the exclusives, they were quickly wiped out, leaving many music lovers in the lurch as the week after Record Store Day unravels.

So just how much are those Record Store Day exclusives going for on eBay right now? Well, Exclaim! made a trip over to the auction site to check it out.

At press time, Blur's 1,000-copies seven-inch "Fools Day" leads the way as one of the most valuable RSD releases, with several completed listings showing the single selling for $200 or more. Also up there is the clear vinyl edition of the Hold Steady's Heaven Is Whenever, which will cost you upwards of $150, and the Beatles "Paperback Writer" seven-inch, which has sold for as high as $184.87.

Then there's the Beastie Boys' Mystery twelve-inch, the Flaming Lips' Dark Side of the Moon and Bruce Springsteen's Wreckin' Ball release, which are all going for upwards of $80 a copy. And that John Lennon Singles Bag will cost you about another $100.

But if all those are too expensive for your budget, you could always go for the exclusives by Them Crooked Vultures, Beach House, Muse, MGMT and Arthur Russell, all of which sell for around $60 right now.

The whole ordeal has almost become a sick game. Try it yourself by clicking here for a list of all the 2010 Record Store Day exclusives, and then type "Record Store Day" into eBay to have a laugh (or cry). And remember: as the years progress, they're only sure to increase in value. Ugh.

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