Record Store Day 2012 Gets Even Better with New Releases from Gorillaz, the White Stripes, Eddie Vedder

Record Store Day 2012 Gets Even Better with New Releases from Gorillaz, the White Stripes, Eddie Vedder
The list of exclusive releases coming to brick-and-mortar shops this Record Store Day just keeps on getting bigger. Each day, we learn of more exclusive discs that will be arriving on April 21, and today is no exception.

To make things easy for you, we've broken this down into a point-form list of some of the most notable recent additions to the lineup of Record Store Day exclusives. This doesn't cover releases we have already announced, nor is it complete -- it's just a selection of the newly revealed content we're most excited about.

- Gorillaz' Converse collaboration with James Murphy and Andre 3000, "DoYaThing," will be coming out on ten-inch vinyl.

- The White Stripes will collect two deep cuts on a seven-inch single. "Hand Springs" and "Red Death at 6:14" will come on red and black swirled vinyl.

- Speaking of Jack White and Third Man Records, the garage rocker's ex-wife Karen Elson will drop a cover of Jackson C. Frank's "Milk and Honey" backed with a take on Bonnie Dobson's "Winter's Going." It's on milk-and-honey-coloured seven-inch vinyl, naturally.

- Arctic Monkeys' out-of-the-blue new single, "R U Mine?," will come out on a purple seven-inch backed with another new tune called "Electricity."

- Hot Chip's "Night and Day" has been remixed by Daphni (an alter ego of Carbiou's Dam Snaith) for a one-sided twelve-inch.

- Three songs from John Cale's Extra Playful EP have been remixed by Actress, Maria Minerva and Alva Noto. These have been pressed on a white twelve-inch record and backed with Cale-inspired originals by Tim Hecker and Leyland Kirby.

- Even mom-rockers like Coldplay and Paul McCartney will be getting in on the indie action with new seven-inches. The former will drop "Up with the Birds" backed with "U.F.O.," which Sir Paul will release "Another Day" with "Oh Woman Oh Why."

- Garbage will give a taste of their new album by pressing "Blood for Poppies" on a seven-inch.

- Eddie Vedder will drop a seven-inch containing live versions of the Pearl Jam songs "Love Boat Captain" and "Wishlist."

- Minus the Bear will reportedly be dropping some new material on a seven-inch.

- Willie Nelson will put out a three-song EP on CD. Most interestingly, in contains a cover of Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe."

-Starfucker will release the full-length Heaven's Youth, which is made up of demos from last year's Reptilians and comes on white vinyl.