The Reckoners ...And The Sky Opened Up

There must be something in the BC air that spawns sweet vocal harmonies. To the likes of harmony-driven groups like the Blue Shadows and the Be Good Tanyas, you can now add the Reckoners. Based on this debut six-song EP, the Vancouver, BC-based folk duo have the potential to take a place alongside those greats. Featuring Berklee graduate and TV composer Ricardo Khayatte and Christina Simpson, their voices fuse together so well it's hard to imagine they've only been singing together for two years. The songs ― all written by Khayatte ― are nicely fleshed out with bass, drums, lap steel and guitar. They're all on the gently contemplative side, and the imaginative lyrics of a number like "Eye For An Eye" ("I wish I was raised by wolvers") also catch the ear. The inclusion of at least one track with a more energetic tempo would have been welcome, but we can certainly hope there'll be a full-length disc from the Reckoners before too long. (Independent)