Rebelski Thanks for the Thoughts

Issued simultaneously with Stickers on Keys, this effort works with the same electronic atmospherics and pop-based ambience of that record, yet doesn’t seem to fix the problems apparent with Stickers. The opener, "Three,” puts a bit more muscle into the proceedings with live drums and increasingly frantic feedback, yet things still have an interesting restraint that keeps Rebelski from really grabbing the listener. Take the song, "Unlikely Tale,” which starts with a meandering piano and throws in a little drum, hushed beats and various instruments. It’s all quite beautiful and dreamy, but it never connects as it seems very happy to just float around in the background. While, granted, ambient is supposed to make you float away and calm you down, it seems there’s an internal battle with Rebelski. He wants to take you on a little journey, yet he can’t keep the pop hooks away. It’s this battle that bursts through the music from time to time, thus weakening both genres he plies his trade in. This is competent and pleasant to listen to, but far from essential. (Aporia)