Rebelski Stickers on Keys

While a name like that makes one think it has to be made up, à la one-hit wonder Adamski, the answer would be a resounding no as Rebelski is actually someone’s last name. To be more specific, the name is Martin Roman Rebelski, who might be better known as the keyboard man for Doves. His day job shows on this effort, as the spacey atmospherics those Mancunians are known for are greatly echoed here, most notably in the title track. Most of the time, though, Rebelski plies his trade in a string-laden atmosphere with muted beats, yet sometimes he throws in some low-key vocals for just the slightest hint of pop, which is best seen on "Little White Lights.” Actually, the album works best due to these downbeat moments, as the instrumental pieces, with their haunting reverb and samples, tend to just pass by without much weight. It’s in pieces like "Long. Slow. Drive Home” and "Play the School Piano,” where Rebelski softly urges emotion over the beautiful atmospherics, that the heart of this album beats strongest. The rest just tends to float away in the somnambulant ether, which may actually be a good thing, if that’s what you’re into. (Aporia)