Rebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel

It’s kind of haunting hearing new material coming’ from Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) in 2006, but here it is. But what is it? The three players from Pantera (Dime on guitar, Rex on bass and Vinnie Paul — who released this on his new record label — on the skins) and quirky, country legend David Allan Coe on vocals is what it is. With a slightly thin demo-ish production sound, a mixture of great Southern riffs and more standard hard rock fare, and no shortage of down-home country rock, it’s a weird one. Rest assured, the distortion pedal stays on through most of this, the riffs pack a punch like only Dime could — love or hate Pantera, you’ve got to admit he came up with some great licks. Trouble with this disc is it ventures a bit too far into cheesy rock territory, sometimes dabbling in some kind of nu-modern rock turf. But at other points, it’s all about the brilliance of those perfect riffs, this mixture of metal, Southern rock and country coming together flawlessly for the most part, not sounding at all forced or like a novelty. And man, that Coe is one weird looking dude. (Dine Alone)