Rebekah Higgs Little Voice

Rebekah HiggsLittle Voice
In 2008, Halifax, NS chanteuse Rebekah Higgs was swept away by Colin Crowell's sassy electro steppers Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees, coming back just a bit more confident and glossy. Little Voice, Higgs's first solo outing since her 2007 self-titled debut, works as a stopgap EP featuring four singer-songwriter-esque tracks that show Higgs blossoming into a slicker singer and more decisive songwriter. With a healthy dose of help from producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine, Califone) and fellow Thoughtful Bee Jason Vautour on guitar, Higgs crafts foggy soundscapes accented by a vocal delivery that skilfully moves between sober and druggy. Brian Deck's production sound comes across well on songs like the cunningly written "Miserably Together" and sprawling (at three-and-a-half minutes) lullaby "Asleep All Winter." Little Voice is a marvellous EP that raises the bar high, but with the right company, Higgs's sophomore LP should have no trouble Fosbury Flop-ing over it. (Independent)