Real Ponchos 'Since I Let You Go' (album stream)

Real Ponchos'Since I Let You Go' (album stream)
Real Ponchos hail from Vancouver, but their debut album will take listeners on a journey out into the wide open country. Since I Let You Go is due out on May 6, and it's available to stream ahead of time on

Beginning with a quiet atmospheric intro, the 11-track album is characterized by acoustic strumming, twangy guitar licks, weeping pedal steel and rustic vibes. Most of the tracks are peaceful in a toe-tapping sort of way, with songwriting duties split between singer-guitarists Ben Arsenault and Emile Scott.

While the first half mostly features fairly concise songs, the back half includes the sprawling 10-minute cuts "Along the Way" and "Take Me Back Home."

Since I Let You Go was captured live off the floor with Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) at the now-defunct Hive studio just outside Vancouver. Hear the results below, and see the band's tour schedule here.