Read Tyler, the Creator's Crazy Death Grips Review

Read Tyler, the Creator's Crazy Death Grips Review
Tyler, the Creator's GOLF magazine is finally out, and it looks as if the rapper is pretty hands-on with the content. For instance, the debut issue includes a review of Death Grips' 2012 offering The Money Store that reads more like a personal anecdote on car safety than a summation of the record's sick beats.

As previously reported, the magazine is said to deliver "Tyler and his brain without restrictions and bullshit." As such, pieces like his Death Grips review are a little more freeform, opting out of a direct album analysis to instead describe the band as his "meth."

According to the review, getting amped up to Death Grips while behind the wheel has almost caused a serious car accident. It should be noted, however, that he "legit almost died" while spinning "Stockton," a song from No Love Deep Web, not The Money Store.

"DO NOT LISTEN TO DEATH GRIPS WHILE DRIVING A FAST CAR WITH POWER MECHANICS BUTTON ON AND YOUR TIRE TRACTION OFF," the Creator says, adding that he nearly spun out of control after trying "burn rubber at a red light."

You'll find a transcript of Tyler's review below, courtesy of Reddit. For the record, his favourite song from The Money Store is "Hustle Bones."

Tyler, the Creator takes off on tour with A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown and Vince Staples later this week. You'll find their North American tour details over here.
Summer had just started. I'd decided to buy a trampoline for my room and some mini kayaks for my pool. I'm in my room about to set up the trampoline, and on a related video on YouTube, I read, Death Grips – Guillotine (Live). I've had people tell me about them and blah blah, and I never really gave them a chance. I click it. First 30 seconds, I'm like, 'OK, fuck, I'm getting bored.' By 55 seconds, I am fully in. The skinny black guy on stage with the beard that kind of reminds you of one of those homeless people you see with a Starbucks cup … ended up being the coolest shit I've ever seen. I don't know what it was, but for the next two hours, I sat there clicking every single video, link, article, website that had to do with MC Ride and Zach Hill. I put on the Exmilitary mixtape and Lionel and I put together a full trampoline in 17 minutes. That's when I realized that Death Grips was my meth. I put that on and I can do anything and do it efficient as fuck. With that being said, DO NOT LISTEN TO DEATH GRIPS WHILE DRIVING A FAST CAR WITH POWER MECHANICS BUTTON ON AND YOUR TIRE TRACTION OFF. Nico, Travis and I legit almost died because I decided to put on 'Stockton' and burn rubber at a red light, which resulted in my car spinning down at street at 60, 70 miles per hour at an intersection in Los Angeles around 2:45 on a school day. Not one scratch, no one hurt, not one car touched. I don't know what it was, but it led me to believe that I had a grip on death (sorry, I had to say that).
Favorite Song: "Hustle Bones"