Re-Volts Re-Volts

Comprised of punk rock underachievers collected from the likes of One Man Army, Swingin’ Utters and Bottles and Skulls, Re-Volts perform perfunctory SoCal punk rock that’s neither unique, shocking nor incredibly interesting. Factoring in a slight new wave twist thanks to the simplistic drumming and pseudo-plunky guitar work, these six tracks feel like little more than one-offs ripped out on a weekend when everyone found themselves with nothing better to do. In fact, given the lineage busting it out, it’s a wonder why Fat Wreck wasn’t all over it faster than a new Zerodown effort. Oh, yes, it’s because while at times tunes such as "Remains” and "Scales” can feel fun, the lethargic delivery and slacker attitude are unavoidable, leading the listener to feel somewhat similar in terms of reaction. This album is too boring to even suck. (ReVoltage)