Ray Wilson Live and Acoustic

The last voice of Genesis (he joined in 1996) is captured live on this disc with a minimal amount of accompaniment at the 2001 Edinburgh International Festival. About half the songs are Wilson originals, with the rest divvied up between creatively exhausted covers ("Desperado”) and a smattering of Genesis material. Songs from the Collins and Gabriel eras are included (plus Gabriel's "Biko”) and with Wilson singing them, it is easy to see why he made the cut to be the band's singer. Live and Acoustic should please current Genesis fans (versions of "Shipwrecked” and "Not About Us,” from Calling All Stations, are included here) and at least appease those that have a nostalgic place in their hearts for the old songs. Most of Wilson’s own material is strongly represented with this folk/rock approach and above all hints that classic rock isn't just something heard on retrospective radio stations. Tracks like "Sarah” implies that perhaps after Genesis, Wilson will continue to indulge in stadium rock under his own steam. (Inside Out)