Ratatat Quash Neptunes Understudy Rumours

Ratatat Quash Neptunes Understudy Rumours
The New York-via-DC two-headed electro funk machine known as Ratatat are hot off the release of their appropriately titled fourth LP, LP4. However, while promoting their last LP (LP3, of course), rumours began circulating that the duo were contacted by Star Trak Entertainment to work as understudies to hip-hop production team the Neptunes. In a recent Exclaim! interview, the duo finally put those rumours to rest.

The rumour mill first got humming when Ratatat multi-instrumentalist and producer Evan Mast fielded a question from a Drowned in Sound interviewer about being the Neptunes understudies. Mast said, "I haven't signed anything yet. We're negotiating for a bigger advance and a company car."

The fact that Ratatat went on to produce two songs for rapper Kid Cudi's 2009 LP, Man on the Moon: The End of the Day (including single "Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)" with MGMT) only helped fuel such speculation.

When recently asked about the Neptunes rumours, however, Mast told Exclaim!, "No, no, I don't think it will happen, actually. It's not going to happen."

When pressed on the subject, Mast quickly changes topics to what his band are currently up to, "We have a couple of videos coming out, one for 'Drugs', one for 'Mahalo' and one for 'Neckbrace.'"

So by the sounds of things, you can finally put this whole thing in the "mysteries solved" pile.

LP4 is out now on XL.