Rap Genius Redeems Itself with Google, Returns to Search Results

Rap Genius Redeems Itself with Google, Returns to Search Results
Leading lyrics site Rap Genius recently suffered a major blow to its traffic when Google removed the website from search results for violating its terms of service. The lyrics resource was quick to apologize, and it is now back in the search engine's good books.

The website's founders have posted a lengthy statement titled "Rap Genius Back on Google" in which they apologize for their mistakes and further illuminate their wrongdoings. The founders write, "We apologize to Google and our fans for being such morons... We owe a big thanks to Google for being fair and transparent and allowing us back onto their results pages. We overstepped, and we deserved to get smacked."

As was previously reported, Rap Genius was punished for promoting itself through "unnatural links," which are links that aren't editorially placed and aren't vouched for by the webmaster. These are intended to boost a site's search engine optimization. Rap Genius broke this rule by offering bloggers exposure through social media in exchange for links to its website.

The post goes on to give a lengthy history of the website, and the founders note that they followed Google's four-step approach to fixing their unnatural links. They give a very technical explanation of how they examined websites linking to Rap Genius, and explain that they used Google's Disavow Links Tool to remove ones that were problematic.

A Google search for "Rap Genius" now reveals that the website is back at the top of search results.