Random Mega Ran

RandomMega Ran
What’s more nerdy than rapping about videogames? How about a full album based on Capcom’s Mega Man? Using samples from the various incarnations of the Mega Man videogames, Random Beats and guest producers DNS, Domingo and Samik swipe a familiar selection of samples to create an eight-bit backdrop for Random’s alter ego, Mega Ran, a rapping robot with an arm cannon and a desire to battle whack robots. Within this loose concept, Mega Ran does more than just brag and boast, which he does well on "Shadowman,” a dark, tribal b-boy jam, and "Boss Battle: MetalMan,” a funk rock freak-out complete with a cheesy chorus. Mega Ran also breaks down the realities of life as a struggling rapper/videogame character on the smooth, bubbly "Bubbleman,” goes clubbing on "Mega Club,” criticises the clones of "Robot City” and even steps out of character for "Grow Up,” his ode to videogames. While "Robot City” and its remix work the concept best, the one-two punch of Mega Ran’s doomed love story is also inspired. "Aqua Soul (Robot Love)” introduces the hero, a robot who finds his princess just before heading off to war, and ends with a cliffhanger. But after the instrumental "MegaLude,” the story continues when Ran attempts to get the girl on "The Continuation.” No spoilers here, however. Not only an interesting concept, Mega Ran is also an enjoyable trip down memory lane for many. It’s even available as a free download without the three bonus tracks. (Random Beats/RAHM Nation)