Rancid's Tim Armstrong Launches Web Detective Series

Rancid's Tim Armstrong Launches Web Detective Series
We all know what a great actor Rancid singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong is. He made us believe he was a thug with side-project the Transplants and that he didn't care when former partner Brody Dalle split for the embrace of another man, one Josh Homme, a few years ago. Now, the devout punk rocker is putting those abilities to better use.

A recent press release informs us that Armstrong has created his own Internet-only show, a detective series dubbed Svengali. Yep, instead of working on more Rancid music, he's dedicated to portraying a cop and an evil scientist for a show intended to pay tribute to '70s cop shows. (Think punks pretending to be Starsky and Hutch.)

Few other details have been forthcoming, but the first episode of the series began streaming on the show's website this week, and we are informed that indie filmmaker John Roecker will direct and share screen time with Armstrong. Oh, and the "guerilla-style" series is full of "murder, music, sex, intrigue." So really, for Armstrong it's just like being on tour.

If you're thinking that none of this makes any sense, you're not alone. Apparently this is the trailer, which only manages to complicate/confuse the whole ordeal, proving even Roecker and Armstrong aren't sure of what the heck is going on:

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