RAMZi Readies 'Houti Kush' for 1080p Collection

RAMZi Readies 'Houti Kush' for 1080p Collection
Vancouver cassette imprint 1080p Collection continues to dominate with yet another release scheduled for this summer. Montreal native and recent Vancouver transplant Phoebé Guillemot has readied her latest album as RAMZi.

Called Houti Kush, the 11-song LP sees her exploring what the label describes as "dark tropics and newly romantic and melodic terrains."

The outsider release is further described as "at once utopian and dystopian in the most wondrous, wide and red-eyed way, and these digital vine cutting expeditions span a vast and varied section of her own CGI'ed imaginary world of disorientating, bouncy hybrid genre experiments, heavily filtered samples, inverted dancehall rhythms, shredded jungle, distroid-vibed atmospheres and super weird, melodic repetitions."

Houti Kush will arrive on July 21 via 1080p. The album can be pre-ordered here.

Houti Kush:

1. intro + ramzi prophecy
2. balani
3. princess of cups
4. xombies 1
5. etwal
6. kombat
7. crépuscule
8. land of kush
9. xombies 2
10. tcha-moun
11. houti kindom