Rah Rah The Poet's Dead

Rah RahThe Poet's Dead
While many bands from small towns across Canada have flocked to the country's major metropolises, Rah Rah have stuck it out in their original home base of Regina, SK. The group's third album, The Poet's Dead, alludes to the players' Prairie upbringing both lyrically — see the rollicking "Prairie Girl" — and musically, which draws upon folk and salt-of-the-earth roots rock. And yet, the guys and girls of Rah Rah never sound confined by their origins. Their scorching electric guitars and occasional use of synthesizers are distinctly modern, and the songs touch upon universal themes of love and the pursuit of artistic fulfillment. This is best summed up by scorching single "Art & a Wife," as singer/guitarist Marshall Burns name-checks Crazy Horse and decides, "Now I just want a life/Full of art and a wife." The Poet's Dead isn't a huge departure from the group's previous two full-lengths, as once again, the ensemble trade-off vocals and blend genres for a vibrant sound that favours raw energy over studio polish. Considering that the band have an ever-expanding fan base across Canada and a seemingly non-stop touring schedule, more of the same thing is definitely welcome. (Hidden Pony)