Raglani Explores 'Real Colors of the Physical World' on New Album for Editions Mego

Raglani Explores 'Real Colors of the Physical World' on New Album for Editions Mego
St. Louis sound sculptor Joseph Raglani is having a fruitful year, having already issued a sort-of greatest-hits compilation with the Arbor release Husk. Now, the artist will keep the wheels turning with a new effort for Editions Mego.

Technically his first proper full-length since 2006's Of Sirens Born, the new release is called Real Colors of the Physical World.

A press release specifies that the album sees Raglani looking toward his musique concrete and kosmische forebears to continue their heady, high-concept compositions.

The result is described as "his most determinedly comprehensive piece of work... This is a drama realized at constantly telescoping scales, in all directions. If the disintegration of a divine voice into the skittering communications of machines, or the transformation of a densely alien jungle into the promise of personal redemption, can count as objects of experience, they can do so only here, through the condensation of sound."

It all sounds a little too academic to put into words, but we'll get to hear what Raglani intended when the album drops on November 28 on LP, which includes a bonus 7-inch. The release can be pre-ordered here.

Real Colors of the Physical World:

Side A: Fog of Interruption (Tongue / Men for Wire / Brutality of the Eye / March)
Side B: Terrain of Antiquity (Ferry Across Marginalia / Hollis Albion (Mild Power Descending) / Fireflies of Arcadia)
Side C: The Exploded View
Side D: Trampoline Dream