Raekwon Hints at Kanye West Appearance for 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. III'

Raekwon Hints at Kanye West Appearance for 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. III'
Around the time that Raekwon opened up a Toronto office for his Ice H2O label, the Chef announced plans to release a third Only Built 4 Cuban Linx LP sometime in 2012. With just a couple months left to go in the year, it doesn't look like the launch date is anytime soon. However, the rapper has now noted that if and when it does arrive, it's going to feature a number of guests, one of whom will be Kanye West.

Speaking with MTV, Raekwon stated that if the project gets off the ground, it will feature a diverse range of guest verses from MCs both young and old.

"If I do III the way I wanna do it, I wanna break bread with everybody," he said of the as-yet-attempted project. "'Cause, there might be a young nigga out there that I feel got it. The young niggas is coming up. More importantly, I'd love to have an assorted selection, man. Because I believe that real talent too comes from the street, man. And I'm always gonna be that guy, because if nobody ain't give me that opportunity, I couldn't be here rapping with y'all right now."

He jumped into the specifics regarding West, adding, "Of course 'Ye gonna be on that thing…. Like I said, he a good dude, and he love hip-hop, man, and he know his shit."

Raekwon and Kanye previously teamed up on "Gorgeous" from 'Ye's 2010 set My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and most recently on Cruel Summer cut "The Morning."