Raekwon and Eminem to Collaborate?

Raekwon and Eminem to Collaborate?
Wu-Tang member/Exclaim!-approved rapper Raekwon has revealed that after meeting Eminem recently the two are talking about recording together.

Raekwon told XXL that at Switzerland's Open Air Festival the two got talking and hit it off famously. "He's a good dude," Rae admitted. "I respect him as being one of the top elites in the game and I respect him as being a man too."

"We schemin' and plottin'," the MC said of a possible collaboration with Eminem. "The last statement me and him left off on I was tellin' him like, 'Yo, you might need to make the beat' and he gave me that look and we both walked away from each other like, 'Word, you right, we might have to do that like that.' So get ready man this is gonna happen soon."

Of course, it's possible "that look" from Eminem was misinterpreted, so we're not holding our breaths for this one. Still, nearly everything Raekwon-affiliated seems to yield some interesting results these days, so we've got our ears to the ground.

In related Raekwon news, today (July 13) his Ice H20 label will release The War Report 2: Report the War, Capone-N-Noreaga's sequel to their 1997 debut of the same name. The first single, "Hood Pride" can be heard below: