Raekwon "Royals" (Lorde remix) / "It's My Thing"

Raekwon 'Royals' (Lorde remix) / 'It's My Thing'
New Zealand pop teen Lorde has scored a big hit with her song "Royals," a song which our commenters generally agree isn't racist. Now, Wu-Tang icon Raekwon has remixed the tune.

The remix of the track includes a couple of rapped verses about wealth, but beyond that, this version of the ultra-catchy pop track is seemingly identical to the minimal arrangement of the beat-driven original, right down to the low-end swells in the second half.

In related news, Raekwon has shared a remix of a funky new tune called "It's My Thing." As the track fades out, the rapper teases his impending F.I.L.A. album.