Raekwon "Call of Duty" (ft. Akon)

Raekwon 'Call of Duty' (ft. Akon)
Since we've been lost in the sea of Raekwon singles over the last year, as well as following some Wu-Tang beef, we kind of forgot that the rap vet supposedly has a solo LP called F.I.L.A. on the way. The record has still yet to nab an official street date, but a track dubbed "Call of Duty" featuring the Chef and R&B singer Akon has just surfaced to keep us at attention in the meantime.

Akon takes the mic first, offering a renegade salute to all the warriors out there with a just slightly AutoTuned croon. As air sirens start blaring wildly atop a chunky boom bap and soul guitar plinks, Rae takes over with evocative bars about, among other things, street generals making a milli in a week, toughies rocking scars and minks, and throwing some breadsticks on the BBQ.

You'll find the Chef's nouveau army anthem down below.