Rae Spoon White Hearse Comes Rolling

Rae Spoon’s third full-length album rolls down the same dusty road as he has on his last two releases. His voice, like a funeral songbird, sounds as sore as it does sublime, but it’s certainly suited to his cowboy-folk leanings. Having logged hundreds of highway hours crossing Canada eight times over, touring the UK, Australia and the USA, all in the last five years, Spoon’s hard work is paying off in terms of his growing popularity and marked improvement. As busy as he seems, his music isn’t suffering. Writing great songs doesn’t seem to have ever been a problem for him, but White Hearse Comes Rolling features some of his best to date. Jon Wood of Flophouse Jr. and Allison Russell of Po’ Girl join Spoon on a different tracks, which is one indication of how well liked and respected Spoon is among his peers. Most recently he teamed up with Rodney DeCroo to form a duo called the Trucker’s Memorial and have an album set for release that promises to be at least as good as both of them put together, if not a little better. With songs as poetic and emotionally potent as those on White Hearse and an image and identity that inspire as much respect as they does curiosity, Spoon seems pretty skilled in mixing the right ingredients in just the right way (Bad Reputation)