Rae Spoon "Bad Romance" (Lady Gaga cover)

Rae Spoon 'Bad Romance' (Lady Gaga cover)
Rae Spoon recently told Exclaim! that his forthcoming LP, I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets, would be "an album exploring electronic music." There's nothing electronic about this latest recording, however, which finds the singer-songwriter covering Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" on an acoustic guitar.

The stripped-down cover, which he described as "Alberta style" on his Tumblr, reinvents the glitzy tune as a surprising tender and haunting folk ballad. With all the bombastic studio instrumentation taken away, the surprisingly beautiful melody really shines. This version appears to been recorded using his webcam, but even this lo-fi approach gets the point across nicely. Well, played, Rae.

I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets comes out January 10 via Saved by Radio.