Radioinactive Soundtrack to a Book

From the Los Angeles underground of abstract rappers comes Radioinactive. An MC who’s kicked it with notable lyric spitters Murs and Busdriver, "Refrigerator” finds words rushing from his mouth faster than your mind can make sense of it all. Only in the second verse does his pace allow you to parse his obtuse rhymes about eating vegetable soup and doing the electric boogaloo when no one’s around. He rides the beat’s bouncing bass line, conjured from some alternate dimension by Kamal de Iruretagoyena, like a surfer. The production is heavy on record scratches, electric guitar and drums that tumble to out the speakers at full force ("Tarantulas”). This record is not easy, but it’s rewarding for those looking to something more outer space than mainstream. The album’s most difficult track is "Radiator,” which sounds like Radioinactive rhyming through a fan. It works wonders. Not that you’d listen to it all day everyday, but when you crave crazy, look no further this disc. (No Scene)