Radiohead's Ed O'Brien to Release Solo Album

Radiohead's Ed O'Brien to Release Solo Album
With the release of A Moon Shaped Pool, this year has been a busy one for Radiohead. But while the band continue to promote their latest full-length, guitarist Ed O'Brien has revealed he's branching out with a solo album.

Following in the footsteps of so many of his bandmates, O'Brien revealed his solo ambitions to BBC 6 Music, saying we can expect his debut solo album next year. He also said the record was inspired by living in rural Brazil with his family.

"We lived on a little farm in basically a hut the size of this room next door," O'Brien said. "Life was really simple. Kids went to the local school. No one could speak English, so they picked it up, the language of play and stuff.

"And life was reduced to its simple parts. For me, it was music and my family. And I would go each day, walk up the hill to this beautiful little hut next to this lake, and I started writing. And I took out all this gear — cause Thom [Yorke] said, you know, 'You're really good at, just do all the ProTools stuff!' And I applied myself, cause I never really applied to it, and I sat and after about eight weeks, I said, 'I'm not feeling this, this is rubbish!'"

However, a trip to Carnival ended up helping him find the inspiration he needed.

"Everyone sings," he said. "There must be 4,000 people on each samba school who parade down there, and the combination of writing music and that feeling of being there and being like, 'Oh my god, music can be like this.' It was so profound, so it's fed my whole inspiration and writing."

While we await more details on the as-yet-untitled album, O'Brien did reveal that there's also a Radiohead release that won't be coming out: a recording at Jack White's Third Man Records.

"I don't know. It was all right. It was okay. I can't really remember. It was really fun. Jack was so hospitable, him and his engineer — he records everything on 8-track. Listen, it's not worth waiting for. If anything was amazing, you can be sure — we'd try and put it out."