Radiohead Tweet Mysterious Japanese Message

Radiohead Tweet Mysterious Japanese Message
On Monday (February 14), Radiohead delivered a hefty amount of details on their upcoming album, The King of Limbs. They may not have given us a tracklisting, but they did dish the dirt on its digital release this Saturday (February 19), as well as news that a deluxe vinyl edition with collectable art will follow in May. Fans watching the group closely for more announcements got a surprise this morning (February 17) care of a cryptic message on their Twitter account.

Written in Japanese, the post reads, "渋谷 ハチ公広場 金曜日 18時59分," which loosely translates into "Hachiko Square Shibuya, Friday 18:59." While its meaning is unclear at the present time, it hints that the band may be in Japan tomorrow (February 18), possibly at the Shibuya train station, for some as-yet-undisclosed event.

But maybe the tweet is referencing the heart-warming story of Hachiko the dog. Back in the 1920s, the Akita Inu would meet his master at Shibuya station at the end of every work day. Even after his master, a professor at the University of Tokyo, died of a cerebral hemorrhage, the dog kept coming back to greet his owner. The dog would return to the station every day for nine years at the precise time his master's train would appear. If you're not familiar with the story proper, maybe you will recognize the gist of the tale from an old episode of Futurama (see below).

Whether or not Radiohead will appear in the flesh to promote the new album or to perform a gig remains to be seen. Hopefully the thousands of fans that will inevitably make their way to Shibuya station tomorrow get to see their heroes. And if Radiohead do make it, here's to nine years of people coming back daily hoping the band will play an encore.

UPDATE: Well, we still don't know what this tweet is all about, but a Radiohead spokesperson has told NME that fans should not expect Radiohead to appear in person. "The band will not be in Japan tomorrow so people should not go to Shibuya expecting to see the band in person," the spokesperson said. So this whole thing is still filed under "mystery."