Radiohead Management Advised Them To Break Up

Radiohead Management Advised Them To Break Up
Radiohead's management recently revealed a rather strange bit of behind-the-scene info, telling an Irish newspaper that they encouraged the band to break up before the release of In Rainbows.

While speaking to the Irish Times, Brian Message of Courtyard Management explained that the group were going through their fair share of troubles before the release of their last full-length. Two years after Radiohead's split with EMI, the group were still no closer to recording an album, the newspaper reports, leading Courtyard to tell the band it was perhaps time to call it a day.

"I've been lucky to work with some great artists and Radiohead are a once in a generation act," Message said. "But you have to be honest if it's not working. You have to have passion about what you do. I'm an accountant but I love music and I'm passionate about the artists I work with."

Obviously, the band chose to ignore his advice and finished In Rainbows, as well as introduced the pay-what-you-like scheme (aka the Radiohead model), which Message said was in fact not the band's idea.

"Two of my partners in the management company came up with the idea of pay-what-you-like," he explained. "Both the band and us were really excited about doing something brave and a bit wacky...we realised that by using the internet for the delivery of the album, we could reach 173 countries and it would cost us less than three cents a copy for distribution."

He also added that Radiohead are "out of step" with the record industry on the major issues, saying that he thinks file-sharing should not be considered a crime. "We believe file-sharing by peer-to-peer should be legalised," he explained. "The sharing of music where it is not for profit is a great thing for culture and music."