Radiohead Extend "Videotape," Release Limited Edition Copy of One

Radiohead Extend 'Videotape,' Release Limited Edition Copy of One
When you see the words "extended mix,” usually it’s assumed a track has packed on a few extra minutes or so. Not so with Radiohead. The green-loving, Reznor-dueling rock act will soon be beefing up their five-minute In Rainbows track, "Videotapes,” to a hefty 240 minutes. And to show this song isn’t called "Videotapes” for nothing, the remix will only be available on — you guessed it — videotape.

The Radiohead remix is by London producer James Rutledge, who’s previously mixed up tracks by Bloc Party, DNTEL/Grizzly Bear and Foals, and will be a limited edition of one — yes, one. Along with the audio track, visual artist Phillip M. Lane has designed some accompanying images, which Rutledge’s MySpace describes as "slowly mutating hallucinatory red, blue and green disintegrating visuals. Playing like something has possessed your VCR.” It will also come in an old rental-style boxed designed by Jacob Blandy.

"In an age of USB-stick albums, download-only releases/remixes and dwindling CD sales, this has to be the most awkward way of releasing a track. And VHS is one of the more unusual and outdated formats to put music on,” the Rutledge post adds. "Is it a comment on the state of the music industry, or music PR? Fan boy tribute? Ambient epic? Inspiring idea? Bad joke? Deranged waste of time? You decide… Well… You can’t… Because you can’t really hear it. Or watch it. For the time being, there are no promo copies or blog mp3s available. The whole plan is that it isn’t widely available.”

The single copy of the "Videotapes” tape will be auctioned off in the near future on eBay to raise money for UK charity Missing People. No word yet on when the auction will be open for bidding, but with only one copy in existence, you can bet this isn’t going to go for cheap.

Radiohead "Videotape"