Radiohead Erase Their Website and Social Media Accounts

Radiohead Erase Their Website and Social Media Accounts
It seems that those rumblings about a new Radiohead album might be about to come true. The celebrated art rockers recently sent out some mysterious leaflets to fans, leading to speculation that their new album was due out imminently. Now, the plot has continued to thicken, as the band's internet presence has been scrubbed clean.

This weekend, began quite literally fading away, as the text and images became increasingly transparent. As of press time, the page is entirely blank. Meanwhile, posts on the band's Twitter and Facebook pages were gradually deleted, and now both accounts are empty. Their profile images are plain white.

Their Google+ account is also blank, as is frontman Thom Yorke's Twitter account. (Guitarist Jonny Greenwood and drummer Philip Selway still have active Twitter accounts.)

In other words, the band's websites seem to have gone the way of their B-sides.

What all this means isn't immediately apparently, but it lends credence to the theories that the band are about to make a major announcement regarding their new album. When the band sent out their "Burn the Witch" leaflets, fans pointed to clues suggesting that the album might be out today (May 1).

When the new album does arrive, it will be the group's first since 2010's The King of Limbs.