Radiohead "Fat Girl" (1986 demo)

Radiohead 'Fat Girl' (1986 demo)
Hmm. When it comes to alleged early Radiohead demos, we're a little skeptical thanks to that fake track that spread a few weeks ago. Still, indications suggest that the newly unearthed "Fat Girl" actually might be the real Radiohead.

The reason we're a little more inclined to believe that this is legit is that it apparently comes from the same 1986 demo tape that gave us "Everybody Knows" and "Girl (in the Purple Dress)", which were also shared by the evidently trustworthy YouTube user klootme. "Fat Girl" was recorded when the band (minus Jonny Greenwood) were still known as On a Friday, and it finds them shamelessly aping the crooning jangle pop sound of the Smiths.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.