Radioactive Man/Various Fabric 08

Radioactive Man delivers a mix CD of properly funky and seriously twisted electro. Like all good electro, it sounds like it’s been beamed straight from Mars. The beats are broken up and have a wonderful punch to them. The bass is suitably shaking and could easily damage car stereos and dance floors. Most tracks are instrumentals. A few have vocals, by singers like Dot Allison and Princess Superstar. There are also a few break beat tracks, along with dabs of drum & bass and techno to keep things interesting. Radioactive Man is Keith Tenniswood, who works with Andrew Weatherall as 2 Lone Swordsmen. Tenniswood hosts Haywire at Fabric, a popular London club that plays host to a wide variety of dance music styles, and has issued a series of mix CDs from their residents and guests. Some of the best tracks on this one are Depth Charge’s off-kilter but still funky "Honour,” Koma + Bones’ nu-skool breaks "Powercut,” and the seriously wicked electro remix of Radioactive Man’s "ave That.” Tenniswood varies the disc’s speed and intensity admirably before finishing with Disco D and Princess Superstar’s killer "F**k Me On The Dancefloor,” layered over Dirty Hospital’s "Rottenrow.” (Fabric)