The Radio Dept.'s Daniel Tjäder Steps Out in Korallreven

The Radio Dept.'s Daniel Tjäder Steps Out in Korallreven
Two years ago, Swedish indie rocker Daniel Tjäder took a break from his time in the Radio Dept. to team up with Marcus Joons and form the electronic pop project Korallreven. After releasing the Loved-Up seven-inch, the duo have announced details for their debut album.

Aptly titled An Album by Korallreven, the record sees the team continue down their electro-pop-meets-shoegaze path with ten tracks, including the aforementioned "Loved-Up" single.

An Album by Korallreven will be available on November 15 via Canadian imprint Acéphale as an LP or CD. The initial pressing of records will be available on white vinyl, with 200 of those coming on white and silver hazed vinyl. The record can be pre-ordered here while the official video for "The Truest Faith" is available below.

The duo have also collaborated on a free mix which features reworks of Britney Spears and the Velvet Underground, among others. Check it out here via Resident Advisor.

An Album by Korallreven:

1. "As Young As Yesterday"
2. "Sa Sa Samoa"
3. "The Truest Faith"
4. "Keep Your Eyes Shut"
5. "Loved-Up"
6. "Comin Closer"
7. "Pago Pago"
8. "Honey Mine"
9. "A Surf On Endorphins"
10. "Comin' Down"