Racetraitor/Burn It Down Make Them Talk

Trustkill has released a damn fine split, with the guilty parties being Racetraitor and Burn it Down. Racetraitor kick off Make Them Talk with three songs of overly metallic, heavy hardcore. Besides a little too cute fascination with Voltron (just check their monikers), Racetraitor are a sufficiently pummelling, buffeting and competent metal/hardcore band, even if innovation is not particularly their strong suit. Burn It Down is the real prize of this split, however. While still lacking in the finer aspects of production, Burn It Down continue their steady evolution as one of the genres most promising bands, showing that their EP, Eat, Sleep, Mate, Defend (on Escape Artist), wasn’t a fluke, just a warning of things to come. The same complexity of Deadguy is being mined, coupled with some overly metallic mosh riffs, but a more ambient slant is explored on Make…, coupled with a progression in both the playing and the songwriting that retains a sing/scream along quality that always scores points with the kids. (Trustkill)